Texas Fireproofing

Texas Fireproofing

Oak Creek Industrial is proud to serve industrial facilities, chemical plants and refineries throughout the great state of Texas with fireproofing services that range from field and shop fireproofing to the installation of structural steel and pipe racks to spray applied fireproofing to boxed-in design fireproofing. We are the reliable and expert fireproofing leader, providing specialized services since 1983. We are self- and nationally certified to handle all the unique fireproofing needs of our clients.

Texas Industrial Maintenance

We provide maintenance and operations services that focus on minimizing downtime, reducing cost, improving efficiency and productivity and heightening the standard of quality all around. Oak Creek Industrial has nearly 30 years of experience in providing operations and maintenance services including daily repairs for plants, facility management, operations support, operations readiness, asset performance improvement and so on. Please visit our industrial maintenance page to read more about our services.

Texas Piping Systems

We have piping systems services provided by our pipefitters, certified welders and millwrights who are all educated in OSHA, Material Data Safety Sheets and other required safety regulations to ensure your project is safe and of the highest quality. We handle all requirements for piping systems repair, maintenance and installation. Read our service page to obtain more information about our specific capabilities.

Texas Construction Management

When you need expert construction management for your project, turn to Oak Creek Industrial. We are highly skilled in the planning, scheduling and logistics that keep a project on track, on budget and on time. When your project depends on its organization and execution, you can depend on us.