South Suburb Fireproofing

Fireproofing South Suburbs of Chicago

Oak Creek Industrial has provided quality fireproofing services to the South Suburbs of Chicago for over 25 years. We offer a wide selection of fireproofing designs, materials, installations, locations and applications. Our designs include contoured design fireproofing and boxed-in design fireproofing. For more information on our fireproofing services visit our fireproofing page.

South Suburbs of Chicago Mechanical and Piping Systems

Oak Creek Industrial also provides professional piping system repair and mechanical maintenance services. Our services include measuring and fitting pipe, welding and other value activities, instrumentation and a variety of other piping system duties and services.

Industrial Maintenance South Suburbs of Chicago

We also provide a wide variety of industrial maintenance services to the South Suburbs of Chicago. Our maintenance services include general construction, instrumentation and tank maintenance. We also specialize in motor controls, operations, control system and pumps. For all your industrial maintenance needs, contact Oak Creek Industrial today.

South Suburbs of Chicago Construction Management

At Oak Creek Industrial, we take pride in providing high quality construction management services. Our skillful project managers are trained and experienced in budget management, scheduling, troubleshooting, project planning and all other aspects that go into a safe and efficient construction project.