Shop Fireproofing

Shop Fireproofing – Oak Creek Shop Fireproofing

Oak Creek specializes in offsite or shop applied fireproofing. Refineries, plants, and steel fabricators ship steel structures, supports, or equipment, which need to be fire resistant, to Oak Creek’s location. The fireproofing application is completed in a climate-controlled building or warehouse. All connection points on shop fireproofed structural steel are left open (blockout) for field connections. Once the steel is fireproofed it is shipped to the job site where it shall be erected or field installed. Shop fireproofing has a quick turnaround time with controlled results making it the most cost-effective method of industrial fireproofing. For these reasons, Oak Creek prefers to maximize shop application in order to minimize field application.

Shop Fireproofing – Cuts Schedule & Speeds Erection

Shop fireproofing is a great alternative for large owner, clients, or facilities that have strict HSE requirements and job site regulations that often slow down the completion of a project. The shop fireproofing application can shave several months of labor off the original construction schedule, compared to a field-applied option, by avoiding the need to set up and remove scaffolding and other field equipment. Shop application also avoids any potential delays due to scheduling conflicts with multiple construction trades onsite, seasonal weather changes, and other unforeseen field problems. Shop fireproofing is an excellent alternative during the winter months when little or no productivity is accomplished due to unworkable weather conditions. Shop fireproofing can accommodate project’s restricted construction storage by storing completed beams and mandating a “just-in-time” delivery method. Whatever the issue may be, Oak Creek understands the complexities of fireproofing and can assist our clients in making the best choices suited for your individual project.

Types of Shop Fireproofing:

• Dense Concrete Shop Fireproofing or Pre-Cast Concrete
• Lightweight Cementitious Shop Fireproofing (Carboline Pyrocrete 241)
• Lightweight Intumescent Shop Fireproofing (Carboline Thermolag 3000 or Chartek)
• Shop applied Shotcrete or Gunite Fireproofing (SpecPatch)

Shop Fireproofing Installation:

• Structural Steel & Pipe Racks(Columns, Base Plates, Blockouts, Load Bearing Beams, Main Braces)
• Equipment (Vessel Skirts, Heater/Cooler Legs, Saddles, Legs, Lugs)