Oak Creek has been providing specialized fireproofing services in industrial facilities, chemical plants, and refineries for many decades. As a company that specializes, we concentrate our resources to provide our clients with both integrity and expertise when work is performed. This has enabled us to build a reputation for fireproofing quality management and work that extends throughout the country. Oak Creek’s promptness and attention to detail has made us a local industry fireproofing leader. Please find the below information regarding fireproofing services and application methods offered by Oak Creek specific to location, installation, materials, application and design.

Fireproofing –  Location

  • Field Fireproofing / Onsite Fireproofing aka Cast-In-Place
  • Shop Fireproofing / Offsite Fireproofing aka Pre-Cast

Fireproofing – Installation

  • Structural Steel & Pipe Racks – Columns Base Plates, Braces, Legs, Blockouts
  • Equipment Supports – Vessel Skirts, Heater/Cooler Legs, Lugs, Saddles

Fireproofing – Materials

  • Dense Concrete Fireproofing
  • Lightweight Cementitious Fireproofing – (Carboline Pyrocrete 241)
  • Lightweight Intumescent Fireproofing – (Carboline Thermolag / Chartek)
  • Shotcrete & Gunite Fireproofing – (Specpatch)

Fireproofing – Application

  • Form and Pour Fireproofing
  • Trowel or Hand Applied Fireproofing
  • Spray or Gun Applied Fireproofing

Fireproofing – Design

  • Contoured Design Fireproofing
  • Boxed-In Design Fireproofing

Field Fireproofing

Shop Fireproofing