Oak Creek Industrial considers environmental health and safety a top priority on all projects. We are proud of our excellent safety record achieved through the dedication of our employees and safe practices. Our experience modification rate (EMR) is 0.83, among the lowest in the industry and well below the nationwide industry standard (1.0). Our formidable safety rating is of particular importance to Owners, and also decreases Oak Creek insurance rates, resulting in direct cost savings to Owners.

“Safety First” is our company motto and work philosophy. It is vital all employees understand safe work practices associated with their environment and scope of work. Safety requires good communication between supervisors, craft foremen, employees, and all other fellow workers or individuals that can be affected by or in surrounding areas where work actions are being performed. In order to create awareness of project risks and promote safe work practices, Oak Creek personnel are required to attend the mandatory company safety meetings given prior to the start of work. The safety meeting is conducted daily, by Oak Creek’s Safety Director, and typically involves existing safety regulations, project site policies, and all other past or present experiences that are relevant to the project, industry, or work being completed.

To merely comply with the bare minimums of our safety program is not acceptable. The success of Oak Creek work and safety depends on all persons performing their assigned responsibilities to the best of their ability at all times. This requires Oak Creek employees and management to meet or exceed the demands of our written safety program and policies. If you have Oak Creek on your job you will always have, Safety First!

Oak Creek is dedicated to the identification, training, implementation, monitoring and improvement of safe work practices. Our culture revolves around seeking construction methods that provide a safe working environment for our employees, the general public and our customers. We have implemented a proactive approach towards safe work practices which has significantly enhanced the overall service we provide. Our commitment to continuously educating our most valued assets, our employees and subcontractors, on safe working practices, have become a corporate way of life for all of our personnel. We have established a safety department lead by a full time safety director who is an active part of our constant search for better and safer ways to provide the quality services that our customers have become accustomed to for nearly 30 years.

A portion of the safety training that we currently provide is listed below to give you an understanding of our level of commitment to providing our workforce, the general public and our customers with a service that is performed by industry leading personnel who are properly trained in safe work practices. We have developed and are continually improving upon our safety training modules to keep us current with the ever changing standards required in our industry. Safety training has been integrated with specific skills instruction in order to tie these two very important entities together. Oak Creek Consolidated is proud to provide technicians who are properly trained in pipeline construction safe work practices. We are driven to provide this industry with the most competent and most safety conscious personnel possible.

Pre-Employment Safety Training

• Construction Safety Orientation
• Personal Protection Equipment
• Eye Protection
• Confined Space
• Lockout – Tag out
• Lead Safety
• Rigging Safety
• Crane Safety
• Welding Safety
• Working with Benzene
• Hydrogen Sulfide
• Aerial Lift Safety
• Backhoe – Loader Safety
• Stairways & Ladder Safety
• Hand & Power Tool Safety
• Work Area Traffic Control
• Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
• Construction Hazard Protection
• Process Safety Management Contractor
• Fire Safety
• Trenching & Shoring
• Forklift Safety
• Flagger Safety
• Work Zone Safety
• Back Safety
• Asbestos Awareness
• Sand Blasting
• Fall Protection
• Electrical Safety
• Scaffolding
• Utility Excavation
• Blood borne Pathogens
• Respiratory Protection
• Hearing Conservation
• Driving Safely
• Accident Investigation
• Hazwoper Training
• First Aid
• CPR 2000
• Subcontractor Management Plan
• MSDS & Hazardous Communication
• DOT Hazmat Security Awareness

Safety Course Programs

• 10 hour O.S.H.A. training
• 30 hour O.S.H.A. training (Supervision)
• Random jobsite third party inspection and training
• Random third party site specific safety inspections
• Random in house site specific safety inspections
• Daily site specific “Tool Box” safety meetings
• Pre-construction job site safety meetings • Near Miss & Continued Improvement job site safety meeting
• Post-construction job site safety meetings
• Continued improvement corporate safety training
• Annual fire school
• Competent person training
• Line locating workshop, Ohio and Pennsylvania one call seminars

3rd Party Verification Databases

ISN – ISNetworld
Oak Creek ISNet Contractor Id: 400-158394 Member Since 10/19/2009
PICS – PICS Auditing
Oak Creek PICS Contractor Id: 3960 Member Since 2/6/2008