Oak Creek has a strong commitment to maintain and improve the quality of both product performance and customer services inherent with our management policy. Our company Quality Assurance / Quality Control Program is designed to provide a completed installation that meets all standards for reliability, safety, and environmental protection. Oak Creek ensures that all works are performed in compliance with applicable contract standards, specifications, regulations, codes and strictly adheres to good construction practices. Our goal is to prevent deficiencies through pre-construction Quality Control coordination and to detect and correct non-conformance in a timely manner.

Quality work should be the goal of every contractor and we hold ourselves to the highest standards. It is obvious that quality is proportional to costs associated with the construction process. Setting the quality standard and maintaining the design required by the client, is vital to our project planning. With hands on management to keep the work force on task, Oak Creek has been able to consistently produce high quality work while maintaining appropriate schedules and keeping costs within budget. This can only be accomplished by a company with intimate knowledge of the construction methods, equipment, materials and personnel to be required for the project. Our management style also allows us to maintain an exemplary quality standard.

“Helping you achieve your Quality goals.”