Our Advantage

Oak Creek is an industrial service contractor with offices located in Frankfort, Illinois and Yorktown, Virginia.  Though positioned among the Midwest and East Coast, Oak Creek works on projects nationwide, partnering with many of the largest gas, oil, and power generation companies in the nation. In addition to fireproofing, Oak Creek specializes in mechanical contracting work.

Expertise, Safety, and Quality are what differentiate Oak Creek from their handful of competitors.  Both self and nationally certified, Oak Creek’s team combine technical expertise, extensive knowledge of the local subcontractor market, and an acknowledgement of their clients’ goals to deliver successful projects time and time again.


Rest assured that your project won’t be Oak Creek’s first time at the rodeo.  31 years in the industrial construction market along with continuous advancement of our methods, management, safety, and quality has enabled, Katherine Halpin, and her team, to be the experts that they are today.  This longevity and expertise, paired with consistent integrity, is why Oak Creek Industrial is so sought after.


Safety simply is our way of life.  Pre-task job permitting and safety sign-out are both examples of the precautions took to ensure accident free environments. Oak Creek’s experience modification rating also reflects the careful manner in which they conduct themselves.  Every reasonable effort is made to assure that employees can accomplish the safe completion of assigned tasks.  No task is so important, that we cannot take the time to do it safely.


Exceptional quality has been at the heart of Oak Creek since day one.  Today, that culture has not changed.  More than anything, Oak Creek Industrial is known for their superior quality of work throughout.  Engineering specifications are satisfied with inspection and test plans and Quality Assurance/Control programs are implemented to monitor daily work activities. Kelly and Katherine Halpin built a name based on quality, and that’s precisely what you will get when partner with Oak Creek Industrial.