Oak Creek’s expertise in the chemical industries is extensive as we have provided value-added solutions to our many clients since the firm’s inception. We work in all major industry sectors including commodity chemicals, polymers, intermediates, and fine/specialty chemicals.  Whether it’s a multi-million dollar grassroots or revamp project or a smaller, single-discipline task, we meet all requirements our clients have.

Our project teams often work with proprietary processes that include processing, packaging, and truck unloading and loading bays for end-to-end delivery of our client’s products. Many of our projects require significant integration of new building expansions into the infrastructure of an existing plant, including buildings to house process tanks, process cooling water and electrical distribution.

The accumulated individual and organizational experience Oak Creek has garnered in the chemical industry provides our clients the problem solving ability they rely on to overcome some of the most demanding and complex technical and engineering problems encountered. Because we consistently deliver the technical solutions and project results needed, our clients can be confident that their business and strategic objectives will be achieved.