Grafton Fireproofing

Grafton Fireproofing

Oak Creek Industrial has provided expert fireproofing services to Grafton chemical plants, industrial facilities and refineries for over 25 years. Our customized fireproofing services range in location, design, application, material and installation options. We offer dense concrete fireproofing, gunite fireproofing, shotcrete fireproofing and cementatious fireproofing. We also provide fireproofing designs such as boxed-in or contoured fireproofing. For more information on our fireproofing services visit our fireproofing page.

Grafton Industrial Maintenance

Oak Creek Industrial provides exceptional industrial maintenance services to the Grafton area. Our wide variety of industrial maintenance services includes general construction, facility management, emergency response, daily plant repairs, instrumentation, valves and piping, insulation and refractory, plumbing, landscaping, preventative maintenance and more.

Grafton Piping Systems

We are proud to provide exceptional piping system repair and maintenance services in Grafton. Whether you have a hydraulic, hydronic or pneumatic piping system, our specialists are experienced and certified in all types of piping services and related equipment.

Grafton Construction Management

Oak Creek Industrial offers high quality construction management services to Grafton. We specialize in construction logistics, project planning, scheduling and quality methods and processes. Our construction supervisors work to ensure the safety and timeliness of your construction project.