Frankfort Fireproofing

Frankfort Fireproofing

Oak Creek Industrial has offered premium fireproofing services to the city of Frankfort for over 25 years. Our customized fireproofing options range in design, materials, application, location and installation options. Whether you are looking for hand applied fireproofing or gunite fireproofing, Oak Creek Industrial has the fireproofing options you’re searching for.

Frankfort Industrial Maintenance

We also offer a wide selection of professional industrial maintenance services such as general construction, tank maintenance, instrumentation and operational system support. We also specialize in plumbing and electrical support services. For all your industrial maintenance needs, contact Oak Creek Industrial today.

Frankfort Piping System Maintenance

Oak Creek Industrial also offers expert piping system repair and installation services in Frankfort. Our services include welding and cutting valves, loading skid construction, instrumentation, hot oil and steam tracking as well as a variety of other piping system responsibilities.

Frankfort Construction Management

Our quality construction management services include project planning, budget management, scheduling, logistics and all other aspects that go into a timely and safe construction project. We understand the importance of a controlled, efficient construction environment. For all of your construction management needs, contact Oak Creek Industrial today.