East Chicago Fireproofing

East Chicago Fireproofing

Oak Creek Industrial is proud to have provided exceptional fireproofing services to the East Chicago, IN area for over 25 years. Our specialized fireproofing services include a wide variety of designs, locations, materials, applications and installation options. We provide dense concrete fireproofing, shotcrete fireproofing, cementatious fireproofing and gunite fireproofing. We also offer boxed-in or contoured fireproofing designs. For more information on our fireproofing services visit our fireproofing page.

East Chicago Industrial Maintenance

We also provide a wide variety professional industrial maintenance services. Our specialists can help maintain your operational needs such as piping and control systems as well as electrical controls and instrumentation. We also specialize in general construction and plumbing services along with many more industrial maintenance services.

East Chicago Piping Systems

Oak Creek Industrial also offers piping system maintenance services. Our services include hot oil and steam tracing, instrumentation, loading skid construction along with other piping system duties. For quality piping system repair and maintenance services in East Chicago, contact Oak Creek Industrial today.

East Chicago Construction Management

We also offer professional construction management services including budget management, scheduling, establishing quality methods, logistics and a other construction management services. At Oak Creek Industrial, we understand the value of a timely and efficient construction project.